Who I am

Fed up with it all getting a bit over-complicated? Basically, if you need a web presence for your biz or your blog or your organistaion... a site that's well designed and responsive (i.e. it'll look good and work well across desktops and devices) then you're in the right place.

I can also help to get social media working really well for you and can create all manner of extra elements, such as interactive animated content and video, which'll provide additional online impact for your biz or organisation.

It'll cost nothing for you to give me a shout to chat about ideas and discover what the best options are.

Fran Brennan


Stuff I do

Full site design to suit all needs...

...from 'clean and simple' to 'everything on'.

You want pure space? Fine.
You want all the trimmings? No problem.

  • Origination of artwork.

  • Help with planning your web strategy.

  • Social media integration.

  • Fun stuff. Animation. Video shorts.


One more thing

Prices start from £50.00